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See below Alan Stivell’s reference to Yann Fouéré’s book ‘L’Europe aux cent drapeaux’ , which was translated into English under the title ‘Towards a Federal Europe’, and is available from the IDBE/Fondation Yann Fouéré.

Interview by Vicent Partal on 07/01/2019

Erwan Fouéré meeting with Dafyd Wigley, Adam Price and Jill Evans MEP.

‘Wales and Europe are as tightly woven as a Celtic knot’

Wales and Europe’s partnership of equals is characterised by its principle of subsidiarity, regional equality and respect for the minority. It was, after all, the great Breton nationalist Yann Fouéré who in the 1960s coined the term L’Europe aux Cent Drapeaux.

I am giving a speech at the European Policy Centre in Brussels that will encapsulate those words; the full meaning of the European Union’s catchphrase our unity in diversity.

Also in article below:-

Plaid Cymru leader has vision of UK driving EU reform

by John Osmond | 06.12.2018

Plaid Cymru leader has vision of UK driving EU reform


The IDBE team wish you a joyful Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

See the French site for a résumé of the Institute’s achievements during 2017


25th November 2017

 Yann Fouéré’s book ‘L’Europe aux Cent Drapeaux’ presented to Président Puidgemont  by Eduard Sanchez Campoy in Bruges.

21st October 2017

See French site for presentation by the Catalan Mayor of Calders, Eduard Sanchez Campoy at the conference.

Poster and invitation with program of the Conference on 21 Octobre organised by the IDBE on  ‘The role of Catalonia and other stateless nations within a Federal Europe ‘ .

September 2017

Ceremony of the awarding of the ‘Institut Culturel de Bretagne’ medal to the IDBE’s Digital library.

Erwan Fouéré’s speech

August 2017

Erwan Fouéré and the IDBE team have the pleasure of inviting you to the ‘Collier de  l’Hermine’ ceremony,

 On Saturday 16th September 2017, at 15 h., Centre de Congrès, 10 bd. du Général de Gaulle, 22410, Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Brittany.

and to the awarding of the ‘Institut Culturel de Bretagne’ medal to the IDBE’s Digital library.

Please reserve your seat with the IDBE  ( See program on the French site.

March 2017

Link to article on the funeral of Martin Mc Guiness.

January 2017

Links below to articles and interview with Olwen Fouéré on the play ‘Danse, Morob’, written by Laurent Gaudé.

The play opens with the recording in 1965 of Yann Fouéré being interviewed by a Times journalist, phoning from London to the West of Ireland where telephone lines were still very poor at times…See section 4.a)  ‘Audio archives’, to listen to this recording.

Radical Legacies – Olwen Fouéré

Bloavezh Mad, Bonne année, Happy New Year…..2017

 année 2017

        May this new year be a successful one, with health and happiness all around, and we hope to share many important events for Brittany with you.

The premises of the IDBE, situated 16, rue de la Madeleine 22200 Guingamp, will be closed on Mondays from 2nd January to 30th June 2017, but open on Saturdays from  10h00 to 16h00.

We are at your disposal every day by email on   or by telephone 06 81 87 54 63, as it is imperative to make an appointment for the consultation of our archives. Many of our documents can be consulted on the internet, on our digital library: But also all archives etc… concerning Yann Fouéré on:


Many rare works are on sale:

The campaign for donations will continue throughout the month of January on: , with many thanks to all those who have already donated and to those who are about to do so!!!



nedeleg laouen

  • Nedeleg Laouen – Joyeux Noël – Happy Christmas – 2016 –

 The team of the l’IDBE/Fonds de dotation de Bretagne wish you a happy Christmas. May it bring you warmth and joy and an opportunity to bring families and friends together.

‘Peace on earth to men of good will’ Saint Luke

October 2016

See French site for photos and reports of the Commemoration and Conference on Saturday 15 October, and also of the IDBE/Fondation Yannn Fouéré’s participation at the Carhaix Book Fair on 29th/30th October.


Programme pour funéraille de M.M. Mauger Fouéré0001 Programme pour funéraille de M.M. Mauger Fouéré0002 Programme pour funéraille de M.M. Mauger Fouéré0003 obseques Marie-Madeleine MAUGER-Fouéré (2)

Click here to read the ‘Homage’ written and read by Erwan Fouéré

The beloved wife of Yann Fouéré has left us for Tir na nÓg (the land of eternal youth).

Marie-Magdeleine Mauger passed away on 3rd October 2016, at the age of 99 years, in the home of her son Erwan in Brussels.

Her children: Rozenn, Jean-Francois, Erwan, Anne Benedicte (Benig), Olwen, their spouses, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all her family, although grieving, are celebrating the accomplishments of their parents  throughout their long lives.

The funeral of Marie-Magdeleine will take place on Monday 10 October at 14.30, in the Basilica of Notre Dame de Bon Secours in Guingamp ( 22 ), Brittany.

The burial will take place at the La Trinity cemetery, and will be followed by a commemorative reception at the IDBE/Fondation Yann Fouéré.

The planned Commemoration and Conference for Saturday 15 October will still take place in homage to both of them (see program on French site).


May 2016

Affiche plant 2016-page-001PLANTS-EMBLEMS 2016

The Idea

Wales has the Daffodil, Scotland has the Thistle, Ireland has the Shamrock. And Brittany ? We do not have a plant as an emblem, yet there is no reason why we should not have one. Plants as emblems are numerous in the world. All the states of Brazil and the United States of America have theirs. Australia chose the Golden Wattle in 1988 and Quebec decided on the the Yellow 1993.
Which is why we invite you to propose a plant to become the emblem of Brittany.

The Procedure
The IDBE has joined this campaign, which will take place from 1st May to the 30th September 2016. Roland Mogn’s idea, (see his site:,is simple, consisting of choosing a plant which originates from Brittany. This project was launched by the ‘Institut Culturel de Bretagne’. The IDBE is one of the administrators, and as such it will form part of the advisory committee, and one or several plants will be considered. Pass the word around and choose just one plant name or submit a dossier.

There is no shortage of plants that have been honoured in Brittany: le Bleun-Brug, the Feast of the Gorse in Pont-Aven, the Feast of Daffodils in Saint-Étienne de Montluc, the Feast of the Broom in Bannalec are some examples.
The IDBE will centralise all your choices and, if a plant emerges, we will support it for the final choice. Should you prefer to do so, you can support the project on an individual, associative or professional basis and integrate the advisory committee.




April 2016

Links to articles on National Concert Hall commemorative events in Dublin, with the participation of Olwen Fouéré:

Dublin City University, Olwen Fouéré conferred Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa).

IMG_0514 IMG_0510 IMG_0512 IMG_0509

Click here for Olwen’s Fouéré’s PHD acceptance speech

Click here for Marina Carr’s Citation for Olwen Fouéré

See also article and photo on the link:

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