Articles by Y.F.

For earlier articles by Yann Fouéré, please consult the French site under ‘Articles par Y.F. de 1930 – 1940’. 

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jb-1.jpg 12th June 1948: on ‘Plan for Central European Federation’.

jb-2.jpg 26th July 1948: on ‘Way of the Wends and their Future’.

jb-3.jpg 23rd August 1948: on ‘Red Intrigues in Korea’.

jb-4.jpg 22nd October 1948: on ‘Rocky and Uninhabited, two Tiny Islands Are, Nevertheless, the Subjects of An International Dispute’.

jb-5.jpg November 1948: on ‘A French-speaking colony in Italy’.

jb-6.jpg 29th November 1948: on ‘Peace-or-War?, How to Stop The Russians’.

jb-7.jpg 17th December 1948: on ‘Links with Ireland, Another Charles de Gaulle’.

jb-8.jpg 24th January 1949: on ‘China’s Red Leader’.

jb-9.jpg 25th February 1949: on ‘New Aspect of The Communists’ War on The Church’.

jb-10.jpg 23rd March 1949: on ‘French Catholics Fight for their Schools’.

jb-11.jpg 30th May 1949: on ‘Europe’s Minority Problems’.

jb12.jpg 15th June 1949: on ‘The Language Problem in India’.

jb-13.jpg 5th July 1949: on ‘Problem of Danes in Schleswig-Holstein’.

jb-14.jpg July 1949: on ‘Slovakia’s Fight For Freedom’.

jb15a.jpg 4th August 1949: Obituary of ‘Francois Vallée, Breton Replica of Douglas Hyde’.

jb-1a.jpg 10th August 1949: on ‘Where the Council of Europe meets’.

jb2.jpg 23rd August 1949: on ‘The Fight for the Breton Language’.

jb3.jpg 20th September 1949: on ‘Behind-the-scenes dispute over Saar’.

jb4.jpg 25th October 1949: on ‘The Bandit King of Sicily’.

jb5.jpg 4th November 1949: tributes to the memories of Ernest E. Joynt and Art O’Brien – ‘Two Irishmen Who Are Remembered in Brittany’.

jb6.jpg 19th November 1949: on ‘Albania’s Stormy Past And Uncertain Future’.

jb7.jpg 8th December 1949: on ‘Monaco’s New Ruler’.

jb8.jpg 14th January 1950: on ‘A Versailles Conference – Rights of “Small Nations” Stated’.

jb9.jpg 26th January 1950: on ‘Czech War on The Church Follows An Old Pattern’.

jb10.jpg 13th March 1950: on ‘The Bretons Honour St.Patrick Too’.

jb11.jpg 25th March 1950: on ‘Problems Facing White Empires In Dark Continent’.

jb13.jpg 19th May 1950: on ‘Is More Trouble Brewing In Algeria’.

jb14.jpg 23rd June 1950: 0n ‘Indonesia’s Language’.

 jb15.jpg 12th July 1950: on ‘St.Columbanus – Ireland and France Linked in Tribute’.

jbb1.jpg 18th July 1950: on ‘Basque Treaty Links Spain And France’.

jbb2.jpg 8th August 1950: on ‘An Old Breton Festival’.

jbb3.jpg 31st August 1950: on ‘The Celts Meet In Cornwall’.

jbb4.jpg 5th January 1951: on ‘Historic Breton Abbey To Be Rebuilt’.

jbb5.jpg 24th January 1951: on a letter to Jean Basquin from behing the Iron Curtain raises the question of the ‘Fate Of Crown Of St.Stephen’.

jbc8.jpg 21st July 1950: Article in ‘The Standard’ newspaper, by a Special Correspondent, on ‘Devotion to Saint Anne – a Striking Feature of Catholic Life in Brittany’.

jbc6.jpg  jbc6a.jpg 26th January 1951: Article in ‘The Standard’, by Jean Lebreton, on  ‘Problems Of The Breton Language’.

jbb7.jpg 11th December 1953: Jean Basquin traces the career of Father Yann Perrot, a French priest who was murdered just ten years ago this week . ‘A Breton Patriot’.

On the French site, under Articles par Y.F. 1950 – 1957, you will find more interesting articles on life in Ireland by Yann Fouéré, under the pseudonym of Jean Roberts, written in French, as special correspondent in Ireland for the Belgian newspapers, ‘Vers l’Avenir de Namur’ and ‘Le Courier de l’Escaut’

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