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Contrary to Scotland and Wales, Brittany does not have a National Library. For this reason, spurred on by Yann Fouere, a small group of Bretons decided to collect together and carefully store, books, documents and archives on Brittany and European minorities.

In order to facilitate the offering of a collection of documents and a Breton library as complete as possible, we operate through 2 distinct and complimentary organisations.

1 – L’INSTITUT DE DOCUMENTATION BRETONNE ET EUROPEENNE (an Association according to the law of 1st July 1901 – official journal of 20th June 1998). It contributes to the safeguard of our national Breton heritage but also of all documentation on Europe. We are regularly entrusted with gifts and donations that increase the archives and the library of the Institute, and which are safeguarded with complete security and are placed at the disposal of researchers.


Collecting, safeguarding and enhancing the value of archives from private collections and associations.


To prevent the loss and dispersal of these in order to ensure their preservation on a long term basis.

– To respect the legal period before authorising consultation of classified material.                                                                              

– To place the archives at the disposal of students, researchers and all those wishing to consult them.

  The Institute is entirely independent.

 2 – FONDS DE DOTATION DE BRETAGNE  n°2008-776 of 4th August 2008 JO of 5th August 2008(ex : Fondation Yann Fouéré). Its aims and objectives are the defence of Brittany and its language, and also of European Federalism, by respecting and retaining Yann Fouere’s guiding principles.

We offer

–    The organisation and conducting of seminars, conferences or congresses and of cultural or educational exhibitions.

–    Publishing and re edition of books.

–    Electronic publishing of books and periodicals online (sale and consultation).

–    Education, training, cultural activities – information on educational and entertainment matters.

 Always with the aim of promoting Breton, Celtic and European concerns.


Our premises are located in Guingamp in the Côtes d’Armor (22200). 

In a pleasant setting, we have 6 rooms for the consultation of archives and books, each with a precise theme.

1. The Breton Movement

2. General History of Brittany.

3. French History and Politics.

4. Breton Collection (mainly of a cultural nature)

5. Magazines and periodicals.

6. Minorities – Regionalism – Federalism – Europe.

Consultation on the premises is open to all. For Researchers, Historians etc, there is the possibility of accommodation on the premise.

 Do not hesitate to contact us: –

By mail: – IDBE, 16, rue de la Madeleine, 22200 Guingamp.                                                                   

By phone: – 09 81 73 00 40/ 06 81 87 54 63                                                                                                       

By email: – idbe.gwp@gmail.com                                                                                             

Website: – fondationyannfouere.org


 16, rue de la Madeleine,   22200 Guingamp
0981730040 /0681875463