Various Texts by Yann Fouéré

front-cover.gif 1946 – Booklet on ‘Breton Nationalism’, 85 pages – written by Yann Fouéré and translated by Hervé Le Helloco, for the Welsh Nationalist Party  – Front cover designed by Dewi Prys – Preface by Gwynfor Evans and text as follows:-
pages-2-and-3.gifpages-4-and-5.gifpages-6-and-7.gifpages-8-and-9.gifpages-10-and-11.gifpages-12-and-13.gifpages-14-and-15.gifpages-16-and-17.gifpages-18-and-19.gifpages-20-and-21.gifpages-22-and-23.gifpages-24-and-25.gifpages-26-and-27.gifpages-28-and-29.gifpages-30-and-31.gifpages-32-and-33.gifpages-34-and-35.gifpages-36-and-37.gifpages-38-and-39.gifpages-40-and-41.gifpages-42-and-43.gifpages-44-and-45.gifpages-46-and-47.gifpages-48-and-49.gifpages-50-and-51.gifpages-52-and-53.gifpages-54-and-55.gifpages-56-a-and-57.gifpages-58-and-59.gifpages-60-and-61.gifpages-62-and-63.gifpages-64-and-65.gifpages-66-and-67.gifpages-68-and-69.gifpages-70and71.gifpages-72-and-73.gifpages-74-and-75.gifpages-76-and-77.gifpages-78-and-79.gifpages-80-and-81.gifpages-82-and-83.giflast-page.gif A list of important dates and events in,  Appendix 1 – The fight for cultural freedom in Brittany since 1870 – and in Appendix 2 – Some data about the Breton political movement since the French Revolution.
Yann Fouéré used a large part of this text, expanded and revised, in his book ‘La Bretagne écartelée’, published in 1962.
1994: Typed by Yann Fouéré and sent to the Sunday Tribune newspaper for their section ‘Who’s who in Galway’.

– The following is a reference to Yann Fouéré’s pioneering work , l’Europe aux Cents Drapeaux, and its English translation ‘Towards a Federal Europe’.
S T A T E   C R A F T,   N A T I O N S   A N D  S H A R I N G   G O V E R N M E N T A L   P O W E R
Rudolph C. Ryser
Center for World Indigenous Studies
(c)1995 Center For World Indigenous Studies and  International Work Group For Indigenous Affairs.
1. Griggs, Richard A. (1993)  The Role of Fourth World  Nations and Synchronous Geopolitical Factors in the breakdown of the State.

Doctoral dissertation for Ph.D. in  Geography, University of California – Berkeley: 164
Dr. Richard A. Griggs coined this phrase in his doctoral dissertation. In his discussion of Europe’s developing
regionalism he notes in his footnote 6:-

“This term ‘Europe  of Regions’ was developed by the Breton nationalist Yann Fouere in his pioneering work, L’Europe aux Cents Drapeaux,  Paris: Presses D’Europe, 1968.
The Europe of Regions is  somewhat limiting since it nominally excludes nations (Fouere did not intend this). To remind the reader that many of these regions, and the most powerful advocates of this vision, are Fourth World nations I occasionally substitute my own expression a ‘Europe of Nations and Regions.'”