See the French site for Photos of the Formative years and Yann Fouéré’s National and International political life .

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1947: Yann Fouéré, standing on the right, with the Evans family in Wernellyn.

1947: Marie Madeleine Fouéré with Rhiannon Evans and their children at the Evans’ home in Wernellyn.

1947: Yann Fouéré with his family reunited in Fishguard.

family-photo-by-yg.jpg 1948 Yann Fouéré with his family, reunited in Ireland, taken by Jacques de Quelen.


1948: Yann Fouéré with baby Erwan on the promenade in Bray.

1949: Yann Fouéré with his youngest son, Erwan, in front of the cottage, with the lake in the background.

1950 -’57  Photos from Yann Fouéré’s book, ‘ La Maison du Connemara ‘.

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triage-1.jpg 1954:The Sorting’ : From left to right , John O’Neill, Joseph and John Delappe, Yann Fouéré and his daughter Benig – Irish Press photo for article on the Pond.

family-on-island-trip.jpg 1955 Family trip to Inish Turk, with visiting Pierre Mauger taking the photo 0f his wife Aimée, his sister Marie Madeleine Fouéré, Yann Fouéré and the three eldest children.

yf-at-the-helm.jpg 1956 Yann Fouéré on his way to collect lobsters and crayfish from one of the Islands.

g.jpg 1957 Family group at Ker Aughrusbeg, with the 5 children, Rozenn, Jean, Erwan, Benig and Olwen.

yand-mf-benig-at-helm.jpg 1958 Family trip to one of the Islands for merchandise.


trucksfinal.jpg 1959  ‘ The Fleet ‘  in front of the workshops and garages, including the first insulated vehicle in Ireland, with Boffin and Shark Islands in the background.

1960: Yann Fouéré, in the centre with a cap, presenting prizes at the Cleggan Regatta.

yfandjf.jpg 1961 Yann Fouéré  with his father, Jean Fouéré, on the occasion of his visit to Ireland.


group2.jpg 1962: Marie Madeleine Fouéré holding their first grandchild, Yola, Benig and Olwen in front with Yann Fouéré and Jean-Francois Clenet on the right.

1965: Yann Fouéré, Erwan, Olwen and Meinir Evans, daughter of Gwynfor Evans, with their catch of mackrel and pollock.

1966: Yann Fouéré with Erwan at the 1916 commemoration at Arbour Hill.

yandmf-2-boats.jpg 1967 Transfering merchandise from one boat to another.


1968: Yann Fouéré at Ker Aughrusbeg.

yfand-a.jpgkaz.jpg yfand-k.jpg1968 Yann Fouéré, taking a break from work at the Pond, with his second grandchild, Annig, and third grandchild Kareen.

yfand-family-in-front-of-house.jpg 1970 Family group, in front of  Ker Aughrusbeg, La Maison du Connemara, with Erwan, Marie Madeleine, Yann, Olwen and Jean Fouéré.

0082.jpg 011.jpg 1973 – Yann Fouéré, on the occasion of his daughter Benig’s wedding at the Gothic Church in Kylemore Abbey, wearing his cape and medal of Chevalier de l’Ordre Souverain de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem.

1972: Yann Fouéré with a prize lobster!

1976: Poster for the release of Yann Fouéré from the French jail of La Santé in Paris.

1976: Press Conference in Dublin held by the family, to launch a campaign for the release of Yann Fouéré – Irish Times photo.

1976Report in the Irish Press on the Press Conference.

1976: The family picketing in front of the French Embassy in Dublin – Irish Times photo.

1976 : Erwan Fouéré, in front of the French Embassy in Dublin, showing one of the posters to the Press – Irish Press photo.


1977: Yann Fouéré and his eldest son, Jean, with ‘La Maison’ in Connemara in the background.