International Conferences

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1970: Conference at the University of Finland on – The Europe of the Seventies – Original text of Yann Fouéré’s presentation in English is being re-typed and will be posted shortly – the  following is the Finnish translation and an introduction.

(See also on French site, under ‘Articles by Y.F, 1968-‘7o, September 1970: no.56 – Article on ‘La Finlande, cellule moderne de l’Europe’ ).

1987 Johannesburg, South Africa. Conference on – Minorities, self determination and integration – organised by the European Research Group on Federalism in Southern Africa. Yann Fouéré’s address  on – Small nations and national minorities within the French State –

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002.jpg October 1979: Canadian Celtic Congress in Montréal.

bratislaconf93.jpg 2bratconf93.jpg 3bratconf93.jpg 3bratisconf93.jpg 1993: Bratislavia Conference

See also French site for other Conferences in French – more to come as the Conferences file is being sorted.