2.(a) Press Reviews

In 1992, Roy Pedersen published his book ‘One Europe – 100 Nations’ and dedicated it to Yann Fouéré:-

“As my own work started, a small book emerged, unknown to me at the time, which neatly set out the philosophy, separately uncovered by myself in assembling ‘One Europe – 100 Nations’. That book, written in French, was called ‘L’Europe aux Cent Drapeaux’ (Europe of a Hundred Flags). The author, Yann Fouéré, described himself as a militant Breton, a militant Federalist and a militant European. He sought a single humane Europe, all of whose people were free.

To Yann Fouéré’s vision, I dedicate this book.”



In the Celtic League’s magazine, Carn 12:-

Dooinney Eddyr-Cheltiagh.

Yann Fouere, the best-known and the oldest (at 65) of the Breton prisoners, is the author of “La Bretagne Ecartelee” and “L’Europe aux Cent Drapeaux” in which he develops his concept of freedom for ethnical communities through federalism. He is an Irish citizen.Ga dy vel Yann Fouere ny ghooinney mooar ayns caggey ny Britaan, she seyraanagh (citizen) Yernagh eh as ta dellal roagan echey ayns Conamara.
Ayns 1934, v’eh jannoo obbyr feer scanshoil son y chengey Britaanagh. Haink eh lesh dy chur er ram olteynyn Britaanagh syn ard-whaiyl dy ghra dy row ad ayns foayr jeh’n chengey. Va reddyn cheet lesh y chengey. Agh eisht, vrish y nah chaggey mooar magh. Va kuse dy Vritaanee ayns foayr jeh co-obbragh marish ny Germaanee, va kuse elley slane noi shen as va kuse elley foast eddyr oc. Hannee Fouere sy Vritaan tra va’n caggey fo raad. Ayns 1945, v’eh aighoil. Va drogh-ourys ec ny Frangee er as chum ad eh ayns pryssoon rish un vlein, agh eisht v’eh seyrit oc er y fa nagh row feanish dy liooar oc eh y gheyrey. Ec y traa shen, va Britaanee dy liooar marrooit gyn resoon erbee (by liooar eh y ve dty Vritaanagh).

Goll rish Britaanee elley, hie Fouere dys Nerin sy vlein 1949. Dooyrt ny Frangee dy beagh eh currit ayns pryssoon dy darragh eh dy valley. Britaanee elley ayns Nerin ec y traa shen, v’adsyn fo aggle y vaaish hene dy darragh ad dy valley. Shen yn aght daase kiangley scanshoil eddyr daa heer Cheltiagh. Gyn ourys, cha mie lesh reiltyssyn Paris as Divlyn y kiangley shoh – cha nel eh ayns coardailys rish reillyn jesh y Cho-vargey. Agh my fod y kiangley jannoo red erbee dy heyrey Fouere, she red mie t’ayn.

Brian y Stoyll